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Nidhi Bedi

Mrs. Nidhi Bedi, aged about 45 years is a Director in our Company.

She has been appointed on the Board of the Company as a Non-Executive Director. She is a graduate and has several years of experience in leading teams and managing finances. She is a strategic thinker with a proven ability to identify opportunities for growth and profitability.

She is also committed to delivering results that drives the success of the organization. She provides financial advice and guidance to the Company’s Management Team. She possesses vast experience in the automotive components sector and acts as a leader and motivator to our team.

She is proprietor of M/s. JBJ Industries, Faridabad. M/s J.B.J Industries is in the business of manufacturing of aluminum sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, fine finish sheet metal and deep drawn sheet metal since 2008.

Mrs. Nidhi Bedi holds 664 Equity Shares, representing 0.01% of the pre-issue share capital and has negligible holding of the post-Issue share capital of the Company.

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